Thanks for your interest in becoming a vendor. The show is in its 32nd year, the dates are November 18th – 23rd, 2019. The show features all types of gifts, home d├ęcor, collectibles, bath & body, clothing and Oregon gourmet food products; we are not a booth or table show. The show is set up in the boutique style where all items are combined to form a gift shop style setting. We are looking for high quality crafts, collectibles, and gourmet food products to include in the show.

There is a registration fee of $60 for handcrafted items and $75 for retail items (items that are purchased wholesale for resell). It must be paid at the time you are accepted into the show. We also charge a commission of 27%. I have a limited number of work shifts, which are on a first come basis at delivery time. If you work two 4-hour shifts at the show you would pay 22% commission. We do all the display and selling of your products.

The show is very successful and has a great following of customers and crafters. Our annual attendance at our two shows is 1,500-3,000. I would need to see your items through pictures if you have not already sent them to me.

Due to the boutique style of the show, I only take two to three crafters in each specialized area to limit the competition between vendors and provide the best variety for the customer.

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