Hillsboro’s Finest Crafts Since 1999.

Every Husband’s Nightmare Bazaar is the show that you will always remember with a name that you can’t forget. Most men are concerned about wives going shopping, some even say, ‘it’s a nightmare,’ so we decided to call it Every Husband’s Nightmare. We have included gifts for men at the show.

We started in a one room school house replica that was only 1,200 square feet with about 60 vendors. We became known for our wonderful handcrafted products and soon outgrew the 1,200 square foot location. That’s when we moved to the Washington County Fair Complex into a 3,000 square foot building, which soon became too small. We then occupied the 8,000 square feet in the Main Exhibit Hall at the Washington County Fair Complex until it was demolished.  We have relocated to the Cloverleaf Building.